February 9, 2007

Everyone, Meet my Mom

My mom has been sewing since I can remember. And at some point, she started her own slipcover business that she ran out of the garage. She had 4 kids, homeschooled a few of us at different times AND worked in the garage whenever she wasn't cleaning, schooling, driving, homework helping, cooking, etc... She would pay for private school with her income, or buy us new school clothes or just helped out with the overall household expenses.

The point of me telling you all this is to say how AWESOME she is, and to show you a few pics she sent me from her new sewing room, which is now in the house since we've recently had a few more children fly the coop. Now its just the Little One and Max, the dog.

She sent me these and I just thought I would share:

Mom’s Sewing Room Doll Dresser Detail

One of her sewing machines, and a chair that she covered, of course. A little doll dresser (my mom likes little things) that she keeps something in. Mom,what are those?

And finally, here is a photo I found the other day:

Raya’s baby photo

and here is the white kitty today (sans dress)..still on my bed after 28 years : )
My mom made me this before I was born.

white cat

I love you mom!

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