February 8, 2007

A First For Everything

Cael’s Blanket 01 Cael’s Blanket 03 Cael’s Blanket 05

Cael’s Blanket 06 Cael’s Blanket 07 Cael’s Blanket 09

Cael’s Blanket 10 Cael’s Blanket 12 Cael’s Blanket 13

This baby quilt has been 7 years in the making. Yes, 7 years. I found these old men's shirts one day and thought they would make a great baby quilt. So I promptly shoved them in a bag and stored them away. I even moved them with me to Santa Barbara in '02, thinking I might want to make that quilt someday.

Well, finally the day came. Our good friends Sture & Amanda welcomed baby Cael to the family on Friday, Jan. 26. Knowing that I was going to see them last Saturday, I finally decided to make something of all these squares. Nothing like pressure to get me going. This was my first attempt at a quilt and no, its not perfect...but it was extremely fun and well worth the work.

While I was in Phoenix to deliver the quilt and meet the little boy I got to capture his 8th day of life on film...or, compact flash card...slideshow coming soon!!!!

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