February 26, 2007

Forever 21 is for nice girls, too

There are mixed opinions about the store Forever 21. I for one happen to love it. Especially for trendy items that I want right now, but might not want in a few months. If I spend 15 bucks on a shirt and it only lasts one season I'm not going to feel too badly about it.

On the other hand, I've found some pretty classic pieces there that look way more expensive than they are and have lasted me for years. My favorite is when someone asks where I got my jacket and I say Forever 21. The next response is a look of confusion/slight disgust. Yep : )

And recently I've found even more good stuff on their website. I especially like shopping on their site because:

• You can look at everything in a neatly design web page, rather than having to trudge through the often over-crowded racks at the store.

• Online purchases can be returned for a full refund, where at the store you can only exchange items for store credit (except jewelry. I think that's always final sale).

• Rarely do the retail locations have sales, or if they have a sale rack its small and never very good. Online you can see what's on sale right away and there is more of it.

For instance, this sweater is on sale for 5.99. Now even if it is 55% acrylic that is not a bad deal.

The draw back to shopping online is that you can't try anything on. But you deal with that everywhere, and as I say - You can always return it.

Here's a jacket I found today on the site. It's so dang cute and comes in three colors. This kind of thing is less risky to purchase online because it's a jacket and most likely it will fit nicely if you get the right size. Price: $24.80. Not too shabby.

So there ya go. Eye candy for your Monday morning, and a new site to waste minutes on while we procrastinate actually doing some work today. I love the Internet.

Click on any of the images see that item on the website.


faithsalutes said...

I was there this weekend with a little bit of birthday money I recieved I was able to purchase 2 shirt, both adorable. One with stripes and giant graphic roses at the bottom, loose fitting and the other a stretchy white/black striped razor back tank top. I wanted loads more and could actually afford it...I walked away with cash left in my pocket for some other high end items I wanted. Forever 21 is the best thing that has ever happened to girls who love fashion, but can't always afford to keep up.

Anonymous said...

confusion/ slight disgust...that's why we have phrases like, "I don't remember" : )

raya said...

Exactly. Or "this little boutique in my hometown". That's a good one too.