February 24, 2007

A Good Mail Day

I love good mail days. I often check the mail before leaving the house, that way if there's something good I can look at it in the car. I know it's not safe, but I do it anyway. Today was an especially good mail day because I received a mix tape (well CD, really) from the BFF and the new GQ mag with Christian Bale on the cover.

Remember him in Newsies? That is where this 15 year old crush originated. So for over 1/2 my life I have adored Christian - don't worry, Forest knows. As for my CD, I drove the long way to the grocery store just so I could listen to more of it. Thank you Faith and thank you Christian Bale.


little lovelies said...

Ahhh Newsies! I loved that movie. So. Freaking. Much. I was never boy crazy, but I was crazy about that movie!

Corrie said...

He's so yum I wonder what ever happened to Brooklyn?!

raya said...

I checked him out on imbd.com He had a mediocre television career with small parts in shows like ER & Baywatch...his look was good when he was 15, but he went down hill from there. Oh, Brooklyn. I loved him. I think I even drew a picture of him once.