February 15, 2007

It was a good weekend

Last weekend we were very fortunate to have some of the coolest people at our house for the weekend: Our good friends Dan & Megan with their sweet boys, and Faith & Ryan. Here's a glimpse of what we did:

nordin boys

Taped pennies to the train tracks and waited for the trains to smash them.
Out of 11 we found 2. Not bad.

maisy & bennet

Gave Maisy A LOT of love. A lot a lot a lot.

Walked on the windy beach:

dan & megan

Dan & Megan

faith & ryan

Faith & Ryan

Us girls also snuck away to shop in Santa Barbara, and hit the antique stores in downtown Ventura. Meg also gave me the cutest apron from Anthropologie, then when we were shopping on Saturday I found the mini version - It was too perfect, I had to have it. So hopefully I'll have a little girl someday and we can bake in our matching aprons. Aw........

blue apron

We also barbecued delicious carne asada (thanks Ryan) and ate really yummy food the entire weekend. I wanted to take more photos, but I'm quickly learning that it's difficult to be full time hostess and full time photographer simultaneously. I have this thing where I want every event in my life to look like it belongs in House & Garden or Martha Stewart. Makes things a little stressful, but I just need to let go and enjoy the time more. And someday I'll hire a photographer to follow us around all weekend for our magazine spread : )

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