March 1, 2007

Cleaning Day

Not too much time for blogging or crafting today. We have friends coming into town this weekend, but before that I'm going to LA to meet them tonight and hang out down there before we come up here. So...busy cleaning, organizing, and prepping for a meeting with a bride this afternoon.

We may do a "just for fun" photo shoot this weekend if we get around to it. Before I do a shoot I like to go through my extensive magazine collection (more on that later) and pull some inspiration for the shoot. I've even done this with brides and its really fun. Here's what I found for this weekend...

We have an entire wall of cork board in our office and I love it! I can pin anything I want up there at anytime...and it saved us from peeling off the ugly wallpaper to repaint.

Tomorrow we're going to the Getty Museum so maybe I'll post from pictures from that. Have a nice day : )


faithsalutes said...

I didn't clean, I am a loser. Hopefully you guys won't open the fridge or any cabinets. Leave that to me, nasty. Instead I watched the two hour America's Next Top Model and did MATH. I cannot wait for the photo shoot. Can you make me look tan and ten pounds lighter? Or maybe like Kate Moss? Too much of a stretch? How about Gisele? I know, I know, I look like Punky Brewster...ha.

Vallen said...

Oh it's you two getting up to shenanigans, eh? Have a marvelous time. Faith will look terrific no matter what but pictures on Monday ARE expected.