March 19, 2007

I heart pin cushions

I promised photos of birthday gifts on Friday and did not deliver - sorry : (. That was because I "treated" myself to an hour of antiquing and didn't give myself time in the day to take pictures of all the lovely items inside those packages.

Side note: I learned that "treating" trick from my friend Bonny. She says "who can argue with that?" Is someone going to say you shouldn't treat yourself to something? After all your hard work? Try it, it works.

Anyhew, back to photos. Here are a few I did take of these amazing pin cushions my mom made! They remind me of Maria Antoinette, a movie I watched about three times last weekend (Forest was on a fishing trip with the guys).

These designs are from a lovely woman Betz White who was recently featured on Martha Stewart. Aren't they delicious? My mom is also uber talented, if you can't tell : )


Kusie and Meris said...


i saw that martha stewert, which i watch once a month, if that. quite a coinky-dink. but your mom is much nicer than martha stewert and she has never been in jail with all the bad people. if i ever have my own store some day (that would be right after i buy my own home) she will have to make pretty things for me to sell. and you as well, of course.

dad said...

you watched that movie three times? how is that possible?

raya said...

pretty dresses + shoes + petit fours = watched it three times! You're a boy, you wouldn't understand ; )

Merci-Notes said...

OH where to begin!!! This is for both you, Raya and your mom, Katie. Katie, Thank you so much for contacting me, I made my slipcovers!! But I am not profesional, like you! (sorry, I am excited to meet a professional seamstress) Can you have your Tea Party outside? Maybe your daughter can shoot it?! Love your pincushions you made for your daughter!!!
Raya, you are so very talented! Your work is beautiful!!! And your blog is the best! I see why my daughter visits "you". Let's no leave your Dad your comment and all of your sense of humor and Love for each other : )
With Kindness, Mary

"Maggie" said...

Wow, love these pin cusions, especially the cup of Latte, that is right up my alley as well as Marie Antoinette. Love your blog!