March 14, 2007

It's Really Happening

So this apron project I started is actually happening...almost can't believe it. I am not so great at finishing projects sometimes (the scarf I started knitting in Dec. is still not done, and now its 75˚ outside. sigh..)

The pockets were a little difficult, as Vallen warned. After staring blankly at the 1948 instructions for 30 minutes and making one phone call to my mom regarding bias tape I managed to figure it out. From there it went pretty well - just the waistband and ties to go, then its done! More photos to come...

My favorite lunch on one of my vintage TV trays - finger foods and iced tea.

Don't even think about it, dog.


faithsalutes said...

put that food in my mouth and let me pet that dog.

ric rac for life.

Vallen said...

I think the tray and the apron should never be apart. What a picture. The pockets were hard but look at you, you did a terrific job. Persistence, my dear, is a virtue! Congratulations!!!

nice-etc said...

love that tray!