March 8, 2007

Late Bloomers Incorporated

For all the girls who cringe at their junior high school photos, or even their high school photos, this is for you. We are what you would call "late bloomers". Ugly ducklings whose swan phase came a bit later than expected. The line I used to hear most when I was a kid was "when you're 16 you're gonna be a knock out". Um, what are you trying to say?!?

Well 16 came and went, and I was still waiting. Even when I was 20 I had this awful short hair cut and I can barely look at those photos without the question "why?" swirling through my head. I blame that one on my hair stylist, but still. It was awkward.

Now we're all grown up and want some nice photos that do justice to the late bloomer inside us. Vindication for all those painful photo-loathing years.

These are just a few of Faith and Christa's late bloomer shots from last weekend. We shot all of these in or around my house (thanks neighbor Mark for the school bus. This is the one time I was actually glad to have it). Aren't these girls beautiful? I think so. My confidence was boosted immensely when a friend in photo school spent a whole weekend photographing me and there were photos I actually LIKED. It may seem slightly vain of us, but we were awkward adolescents. It's our right.


faithsalutes said...

no one has commented because they don't want to hurt my feelings...Christa is prettier, its okay. i make up for it with personality and humor. and my mom thinks i am pretty and she still counts. ha.

*christa said...

Shut up faith. They don't want to ask why I'm wearing exercise pants in my "late bloomer" series.

nice-etc said...

hahah wonderful and beautiful!

a fellow late bloomer,