March 19, 2007

Link Love

Check out today's post over on design sponge! I was thrilled when I saw this and am just flattered that they liked my work enough to post about me. One of my goals for this blog is to inspire others to be creative. I am inspired so much by other bloggers (Posie, Little Birds, Liquid Paper and many more) and love the community of creative people collaborating out here in blog land.

Design sponge is a wonderful blog about all things design - you could spend hours there! Thanks Grace @ design sponge and Kristina @ three layer cake for the link love today : )


laurie said...

hello! thank you so much for linking to my blog. i found you while looking through my stats (in typepad) and i loved your photos + flickr photos. so i added you as a contact and then, after i'd done all that i realized that you'd linked to me in a post -- that's so sweet!

take care -- i'll definitely be back :)

design*sponge said...

your photography is so fantastic- i was thrilled to find the link from kristina. keep up the wonderful work- i'll definitely be reading your site regularly now :)


faithsalutes said...

i told you so.