March 20, 2007

Meet my lens, babie.

You ever heard of lensbabies? They are not the most obscure piece of photography equipment, but they are a novelty (and not a cheap one) so like a lot of people, I am not likely to buy one just because. However, as a, okay!

Forest bought me the Lensbabie 3G for my birthday. This thing is crazy - the original lensbaby is controlled completely by your fingers, so you can get some really amazing fine focus, but its hard to get the same result twice. This one has these locking mechanisms that make it essentially like a 4x5 and a 35mm camera put together. You can bend the lens all around and get the smallest piece of your image in focus, while the rest blurs out towards the edges of the frame.

I have only had it for a few days, but here are a few shots from my birthday party and around the house so you can see what it does:

Depending on how you hold the lens you can get unlimited results. I can't wait to play.

For other novelty cameras check out Holga & Lomography...both are relatively inexpensive and simple cameras that produce unpredictable images. The best part is you really don't need to know all that technical photography stuff. Your eye + Holga or Lomo = coolness. Have fun!

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faithsalutes said...

Don't ever use that camera to shoot me.

More party pictures!