March 6, 2007


Wow. I feel like I have been out of commission for weeks. These last four days have been a mixture of immense fun and immense not-fun. All without much computer access for blogging or anything else, which I missed very much. Lots went on, but here's the day-by-day breakdown for you:

Drove to LA to meet Faith and Christa (Christa flew in from Seattle for the weekend)

Friday: Getty Museum. The landscaping and architecture is just as beautiful as the artwork inside. In fact, we only went to one exhibition.

Saturday: Walked on the beach in Ventura, shopped in Santa Barbara, made my famous chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday: Photo shoot with the lovely Faith and Christa. Photos to come soon I promise.

Monday: Arrived at studio in Hollywood with Amy at 9 AM for appearance on a game show (I signed a very scary non-disclosure statement, so I'll tell you more later). Remained trapped in dressing room with no cell phone, computer, fresh air for 14 hours. Its amazing how many times you can hear "I don't know anything" in one day. Our appearance never came to fruition but they did ask us to come back on Sunday. Kind of wondering if this show is really about how people behave when trapped in a room with 4 others and have only a television with 4 channels as a means of connection to the outside world.

When I get outside of my normal routine for days at a time I start to feel very lost. So glad to be home today doing normal things like responding to emails, walking my dog, and seeing my husband for more than a few hours. And resuming back to normal blogging schedule. Until are photos from the Getty:


faithsalutes said...

Bonny is having a boy and come back to LA, cause now I am bored.

Vallen said...

Lovely photos!1 I once tried out for a game show, Jeopardy, and like yours, my experience was a little surreal. It must be part of the drill.

raya said...

Vallen! You smarty pants. This game show ain't no Jeopardy...but surreal sums it up. I feel like I lost a day of my life.