March 21, 2007

Mild Obsession

I have a mild obsession with mid-century modern-like chairs. I think I get this from my mom - the love of chairs, anyway. Mid-century modern is a little too close to her, I think. She said today, "you know you're getting old when the time you grew up in has an 'era' ".

Oh well, at least they were doing some good design in that era.

I purchased this pink plastic chair with some birthday money from an antique store. I don't think it's by anyone that important considering the price tag, but what is important is that it's pink : )

the lensbaby at work again. I really love this lens.

with my mock-crock vintage purse.


faithsalutes said...

Can I "borrow" it?

mk said...

beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!
I love that pink! so very pretty!

*christa said...

I'm obsessed w/ mid-century mod chairs as well...along with bowls and glasses.

nice-etc said...

oh my gosh this chair is perfect! man oh man!

..just found your blog and i'm quite excited :)