March 23, 2007

Yellow Gold

I have been loving gold + yellow for some time now. Its kind of seventies glamour meets cheery spring day. I remember hating gold when I was a teen and being adamant that I only wore silver. Its too bad, but those were the nineties. Needless to say, I'm glad I grew out of that - gold rules and I hope it never goes out of style again. Actually, it probably never did...because let's face it what did I know when I was 15? I wore green jeans for crying out loud.

This is my new yellow quilted tote with reversible green apple print inside from none other than forever 21.

The rest of these photos are of my own collection of vintage clutches. Some of them have been purchased for me, others are finds from antiquing/thrifting.

For my bridesmaids gifts I gave each one a vintage clutch. Half the fun was searching for them and finding something that was unique to each one of the girls. I think my favorite is the one I gave to Faith - if I can remember correctly it was covered in buttons. Maybe I'll borrow it for a photo shoot sometime.


faithsalutes said...

My favorite is the vintage lucite clutch. It makes me happy just thinking about it. Pictures look edible, per usual.

Vallen said...

Faith gets, and deserves, all the favorite stuff of course.
Gold bags - I think if I ever change my last name it will be to that. How does it sound, Vallen Goldbags? I love it!!!!

Love Glasses said...

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