April 30, 2007

The Little Bridesmaid Dress That Could

Even when I think my friends have selected a nice bridesmaid dress that I can/will wear again, somehow it never happens. What is it about this genre of dress? There is the obvious bad rap they have of being hideous most of the time, but even the pretty ones inherit the curse of being a one hit wonder, it seems.

I vowed not to force my loved ones & friends to don a dress that would gather dust in their closets for years (because you know you can't get rid of them for at least 5-10), but like a good bride I think that's exactly what I did. I couldn't help it. I just saw this dress and it was perfect and went with the colors and a few days later I was ordering 8 of them to be sent to my house.

Leave it to my mom though to resurrect one of these dresses and make it Senior prom-worthy
for Little (my little sis Sarah, we call her Little because, well - she is). While Forest and I were working on the house this weekend, Sarah was off riding in limos and dancing in a new-but -old cute gold dress. You don't know how happy it made me that my mom was able to do something with that dress. I've said it before and I'll say it again - She is amazing! She even fashioned a clutch out of a bed skirt that matched the shoes.

Here are photos of the original dress from our wedding:



The new dress:

The dress was shortened and taken in to be more fitted at the bottom, back cut out and straps lengthened to criss-cross in the back. Pretty neat huh?

And here is the clutch + shoes...my mom has a cool collection of old costume jewelry that I'm sure that brooch is from.

Sarah you looked beautiful as always! Can't believe you're graduating from high school in less than two months. Our little girl's all grown up...tear sniffle tear.


Vallen said...

Your mom rocks and so does your sister because I know, at this school anyway, handmedowns wouldn't cut it BUT your sis's dress was cuter than most of the new dresses I saw. Right on MOM!!!

faithsalutes said...

a clutch too? this is getting out of hand. when does she sleep?

Sarah said...

we have the best mom ever!!!

oh and thanks for not showing my face...

i dont want people recognizing me on the streets :)

Corrie said...

Although I'm really happy about this and all, my dress WILL probably stay in the closet (actually it's at mom and dad's) for another five years till I break down and toss it. It's a hard knock life for a bridesmaid dress

OldBagNewTricks said...

You have the smartest, nicest, most talented mom ever!!!!

And you've been tagged in a 7 Weird things gGame designed to delight your old friends and to meet new ones. This is how I met Vallen up there.

Please come visit my blog to see the rules.


raya said...

No problem Sarah, just doing my part to protect the innocent.

raya said...

And Corrie, I think you're ok because if I'm correct mom cut a piece out of your dress for Sarah's...or something like that. I mean, normally that would probably make you mad but now you don't have to feel bad and just think: you get to do it to me someday : )

sarah said...

actually raya....i think i cut corries dress...sorry cor :/