April 26, 2007

Do you think?

Do you think it would be hard to vacuum in these?

Because that's what I need to do this weekend, among other chores around the house..But really I just want to wear these.

Another product of my impulsive buying streak I went on two weeks ago at Nordstrom Rack. Bought them at the same time as the yellow ones, and have no remorse whatsoever.


nice-etc said...

haha as long as you've got your apron!

Rachel said...

also, have a manhattan when you're finished!

faithsalutes said...

i am realizing now more than ever that i need to add to my resort wear. those would be perfect.

want something from here______

i miss you!

Vallen said...

It would really depend on what color the vacuum cleaner is.

Beth N said...

Of course you can! Didn't June Cleaver do that? But I think you have to wear your snazzy apron at the same time.

sarah said...

the baker girls have a lot more in common than i thought.

its because of you and corrie that im developing a love for shoes.

speaking of, didnt you love my shoes for prom?
i couldn't settle for anything else. i fell in love.

Anonymous said...

If jessica simpson can vacuum in her underwear and stilettos I'm sure you can do it in those.