April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend at my parent's house in Santa Cruz was wonderful. My whole family was there including our Grandma, which was a treat. My mom went over the top (as usual) with our Easter baskets and made a delicious meal, complete with our traditional bird rolls. We've had them every Easter since I can remember.

It was a lot of relaxing, spending time with family, and playing with my Lensbaby around the house. There are a lot of cool little things in her house, but you have to get close up sometimes to see them. Rather than write more about it, here's my little Easter photo essay:

baking the bird rolls

aw, they're so cute, all puffy and golden brown.

pillow from the wonderful Saffron & Genevieve

little mini-couch will little mini things sitting on it

pin cushions and vintage tins

in my mom's bedroom

Easter bunny softies that my mom made for us

Me, digging into my Easter goods (photo by Sarah)

Martha Stewart inspired eggs that I made last year, but didn't get around to using until this year. They are real egg shells, painted and decorated. Fun, but time consuming. I think after all the work last year I didn't have the energy to actually make baskets to put them in.

I love to go home for visits and they're never long enough. Forest asked me in the car on the way home if I ever want to move back. I do sometimes, because of my friends and family. I don't often miss "Santa Cruz" the city, but I do miss the people all the time. I would love to be closer to my mom & dad when we have kids, and all my friend's kids are growing up so quickly I feel like I miss out on getting to know them. Can't you all just move down here? It's like Santa Cruz, but warmer and doesn't rain as much...I'm just sayin'....


faithsalutes said...

I miss Santa Cruz...I miss having only nine restaurant choices, always running into someone you know, and checking the waves just for the sake of it...but I miss friends as well.

Your mom is over the top with everything. Those bird rolls are too cute to eat, but are we voting on whether or not resurrection rolls are better or not?

nice-etc said...

haha! those bird rolls are such a great idea..so sweet.

your mom does have nice treasures :) ..saw your comment on my mom's blog and certainly a meet-up is in order! haha

Vallen said...

Yeah, but I could seriously drive to Santa Cruz for lunch. Ventura - not so much

Kasey said...

You can't move, so stop worrying about it.

*christa said...

I wanna move to Ventura.

Erin said...

Your mom's bird rolls are adorable. I want to make them!! Does she use currants for the eyes? And, is the beak a slivered almond?!

raya said...

I think she uses raisins, but currants would be even better...and yes, slivered almonds for the beaks : )