April 24, 2007

Everybody Needs It Sometimes

Inspiration. Did you know that it also means "to draw air into the lungs"? That was interesting to me, and fitting. I think you could compare the feeling of being "inspired" to that feeling you get when you take a deep breath..full, clear, relaxed.

Days like these I am SO glad to have all my magazines. I love having them stacked neatly like this (a built-in shelf in the office/garage was another huge selling point for this house) and refer to them often. My favorites are my Communication Arts Magazines...they are full of work by the most creative people in the world and every time I read one I feel really energized to create and really untalented at the same time. But they push me, and I love their color predictions and "Annuals" where they publish the winners of their design, photography, illustration & interactive contests.

Inspiration is one of my favorite words these days. I am constantly inspired, and looking for inspiration. Today I'm looking for something that sparks ideas for a few design projects I'm working on. I don't often do paid "design work", but I have a hard time saying no to it because it's so fun and a nice break from photography.


Chris & Tammie said...

Just today I was thumbing through magazines and art books trying to feel inspired. what a coin-ki-dink! ;)
I love how ORGANIZED you are! You don't even want to see my stack of magazines. We're also very fond of Creative Art Magazine.

Allison said...

Oh my dear God, I am so glad to see someone with a magazine collection that rivals my own! I keep mine in cardboard holders from IKEA. I constantly find myself flipping through my magazines (CA, Lucky, domino, HOW!, Vogue) for inspiration in all forms. Everyone thinks I'm nuts for saving my magazines, but I love them and use them!

raya said...

That's so funny Tammie! I look at a magazine at least once a day. The best mail days are when my new mags come. It is nice to have them organized, but I know its a luxury. There is not always room for them, but this collection is going on 5 yrs or so and I'm pretty attached.

raya said...

Allison - you are not nuts, you are smart : ) I met this girl once who had ever Vogue for like 15 yrs. and it was AMAZING. I was so jealous.

Allison said...

15 years, that is amazing!! I can only hope my future husband does not prevent me from meeting that 15 year goal! Haha!

Beth N said...

I'm so jealous of those mags! Do you mind if I link this post to my blog? I write all about inspiration. Take a look if you're still searching.