April 19, 2007

Fresh Out the Box

Yesterday after four long years of faithful service, my 20 in. Apple Cinema Display died. It was a slow death, I must admit. It started a few weeks ago with a half-dim screen, and an incessant blinking power light. I researched ways to fix this problem, and even bought a part I could replace myself. I procrastinated though..because have you ever had to dismantle a piece of electronics? It is scary and I didn't want to do it. Too many screws, metal parts, and circuit boards, etc...a lot of things to break.

And break it is exactly what I did : ( Not on purpose, but we finally tried to fix it last night and now the screen won't go on at all. We kind of knew this would happen and figured it was worth a shot before we went out and bought a new one. But in the end, that is what I had to do and today I'm writing from an extremely bright brand new Apple 20 in. flat screen cinema display.

It is beautiful, and nice to have some new equipment. I took a few photos for this blog post, but computer monitors are really boring subjects. Not interesting at all. Instead I am sharing this photo, one that I took and edited on my old monitor (RIP). I don't remember what assignment this was for in school, but I remember I really liked this shot. I love lens flare when its intentional - adds a bit of dimension and freshness. I don't think my teacher liked it that much, but that was typical. Anyway, its prettier than computer parts : )

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mom said...

I LOVE the photo. The colors are all so good together and it makes me happy to look at it!