April 20, 2007

Gloomy for now, but hope for Sunshine

I feel I've been a little disconnected with what's going on around me, for whatever reason. But some certain thoughts have been peeking in and out of my head all week as I went about my daily tasks. Today we woke up early to heavy rain and it just put me in kind of a thinking mood, mostly about these things:

Virgina Tech - We don't have TV, and I rarely read the news on the Internet so I knew what happened, but just the bare details. Yesterday I went online to read about each of the victims. So, so sad and praying for all the families and loved ones who were touched by this.

Don H0 - He passed away on Saturday...We know his two daughters Kaimana and Hoku who live here in California so this is a little closer to home for us. Missing them and praying for the whole family in Hawaii.

Forest's Grandma Genevieve - She had pneumonia, then suffered what we think is a minor stroke, then had some problems with her intestines and had to go in for surgery. She is a strong little lady and is recovering quite well. Grandma Gen is very special and we are optimistic she'll be back to normal soon.

I'm heading out of town for the weekend, but it will be a relaxing time, I hope, and a good opportunity to have some more thinking time. Wishing you a relaxing weekend as well : )


Jennifer said...

I was sad when I heard about Don Ho too...and I can't believe you know Hoku, I have her CD from a couple of years back and I LOVE it! p.s. Did you make the garland yourself, it's tres cute!

raya said...

I wish I could say I made that garland but its from the lovely Alicia Paulson at rosylittlethings.com. I have Hoku's CD too and whenever it comes on the itunes I smile a bit...