April 17, 2007

Happy Feet

Added some spring time cheeriness to my wardrobe this weekend with the purchase of these sunny yellow flats. I've been craving yellow shoes for months...Steven by Steve Madden purchased at Nordstrom Rack.

And these chairs are also making me happy. I bought a pair of these on craigslist.com for $60. They belonged to a sweet Grandma & Grandpa who no longer needed them..My first thought was to have them re-upholstered in leather, but the general consensus from visitors thus far is that we like the golden-rod color if we incorporate it into artwork and other textiles in the room. Any thoughts? I am definitely taking off the wheels, though (hard to see in this photo..but completely office-chair cheesy).


Vallen said...

I love the color of hte chairs. It would pair up with lots of other colors; brown, red, bright blue. You will definitely find a way to make them work. They are very hip!

Rachel said...

Hi! I just recently found your blog and I love your style. I vote to keep the chair color—there aren't enough golden-rod chairs in this world. Looking forward to future posts.

faithsalutes said...

I vote to keep them and when you have kids and they trash them....then you can get them recovered in leather when you are a grandm/grandpa team.

nice-etc said...

oh i love the yellow! i bet once you live with it a while you'll find you're attracted to other things that will help incorporate it color-wise. how i love yellow! haha. also you probably know this, but once you take off the wheels it could really exciting to find new feet for the chair!