April 23, 2007

A Kid Again

I spent half my day today photographing a group of kids for a new promotional campaign their school is launching. I have the great fortune to work with a very talented marketing/sales executive (Jane Gibbons of Santa Barbara & C Magazines) and we're doing a new logo, identity, brochure, poster, everything...It has been really fun to work with the kids at the school - kids are one of my favorite subjects for their interaction with the camera and general good spirits, but today the group I had was especially sweet.

Look at these beautiful girls : )

I miss being a kid. I want to read Curious George and play on the swings. I want to turn the whole living room into a fort using cushions and blankets. Truth be told, I have total baby fever...Ask my husband. Being around these cute kids today did not help one bit : )


faithsalutes said...

Make babies for the love of God.

Vallen said...

Kids are the reason the world keeps spinning 'round.

Dad said...

only one cure for baby fever and it aint aspirin baby!

Claire said...

Once that bug bites the only thing to make it better is...well you don't need me to tell you!

We had agreed before we got married that we'd wait 5 years before having wee ones. I made it 6 months before I got the bug and we had our son at the three year mark. So glad we didn't wait five years!