April 5, 2007

Let's Make Art

The photographer I worked for in LA used to say that - as he was about to make history photographing some frozen food packaging or whatever exciting product we were shooting that day. He is an extremely, extremely creative person, but you know...you gotta have your bread and butter.

Yesterday "Let's Make Art" was the theme of the day, but I was serious. I hadn't slept very well at all thanks to my neighbors holding a skate expo on their half pipe at 2 am, and I was so frustrated I needed to do something relaxing and not involving a computer. So, I made collages.

I love to make these - and since my bird collages for the kitchen I haven't really done that many. These are all made using my collection of vintage papers, wrapping papers, tissue, and anything else I find interesting - old music books, crossword puzzles, etc...I wish I could freehand something for the main element, but I'm afraid to try. I haven't drawn in a long time...For now I've figured out other ways to do it. These are rubber stamps that I've scanned into Photoshop and manipulated, then printed on a watercolor-like paper.

I Mod Podge everything onto the canvas, then add some paint for more dimension, seal with a varnish....and voila!

I've named them all after ladies I know, and was thinking of them as I was making them.





Anonymous said...

Do I see birthday wrapping paper in there? I was hoping that would happen. The collages are beautiful! (and very inspiring)

mom said...

oops didn't mean to be anonymous... I just noticed that the collages have titles..I love it.


faithsalutes said...

hey, i have an idea...how about you try not to have a good post one day. i dare you. hint: use the word "square" in it.

nice-etc said...

looks like a relaxing day! I love all the patterns together.


*christa said...

These are very butter LONDON.

raya said...

Christa, are you plugging your company on my blog?

Ha ha. Butter London is cool. Come to Ventura and do my nails.

faithsalutes said...

I was also going to make fun of Christa, but you beat me to it...