April 16, 2007

My Heart Melts

We are only 7 mos. into dog ownership and already I want another - I guess it's like children in that way - once you have one, you just want more. When I went through phase 1 of dog-wanting, I looked at adoptable dogs on the Internet for HOURS a day. Forest would roll his eyes and laugh every time I called him over to see what I was squealing about this time. There are worse things to look at on the Internet, you know. I kid you not, if I didn't have my sensible other half to bring me back to reality I'd have a backyard full of puppies. I have no self control when it comes to cute anything, and lately dogs have been my weakness.

Especially this one. How precious is this little guy? His name is Chachi and he's a Jack Russell/Toy Fox Terrier mix - about 3 mos. old and up for adoption along with his three siblings (who are all named after Happy Days characters I might add).

Have you ever seen anything cuter? Except for our dog Maisy, of course (she's watching me type right now and giving me the eye..she's like um, who is that). If you live in Southern California and want a puppy...I'm just sayin'. If I can't have him I would at least want someone who reads my blog to : )

I don't plan on turning this blog into one about homeless dogs, but with this one I could not resist. Plus, its 7:02 pm and I have not posted yet today : )


faithsalutes said...

We have been obsessing over dogs and this just put us over the top...I am having major momma/baby issues.

Claire said...

oy. I just melted into the floor. he is so cute! How could one not love a dog named Chachi!!