April 2, 2007

Organize This

I had a wonderful weekend of finally beginning to make order of our converted garage/office. Up until this weekend it was the place where I worked, but also the place where we stashed any and all items that did not have a place in the house. Not the most conducive environment in which to be productive.

I had an AWESOME before pic that I took to show what used to be, but of course that file was corrupted when I tried to upload to my computer. Well, you'll just have to trust me...

Tada! This is the corner I'm most proud of...all these art/craft/sewing supplies used to be scattered around the house. Now they are all accessible and organized here.

Little Love Birds sit atop a jar.

Paper flowers that my mom made and my vintage aprons

Organization in Progress - this was the best part. When I returned from Ikea on Friday I had to stop myself from putting all these boxes together immediately.

More organization is still needed - especially with our desk. I do have my before photo for that, even though I'm embarrassed to show it. But I love before & afters. Always makes the work that much more appreciated.


nice-etc said...

Oh fantastic! I'm working on my "after" still and boy is it taking a long time. I can't wait to get that clean accomplished feeling that you've gotten haha.

And such pretty things!


Kristy said...

It looks so good.IKEA is great for storage isn't it!

PresentPast Collection said...

Excellent! I've got to get myself to Ikea before they sell out of those cute pink boxes! Wouldn't they be great for wrapping gifts?

Taylor & Shelly said...

I know what your before picture would like...I am very proud of you! I looks great!