April 4, 2007

Pink is the New Black

Pink is the New Black

I used to wear so much pink. It was like, my signature color. But then, I started to feel like it was too "12 yr. old girl". This was when I was trying to look at least close to my age and figured I should shed any color that made me look in the least bit juvenile ( I am 28 and still get asked if I'm in high school sometimes, so you can imagine what it was like when I was 20.) So I purged the closet of pink....

But all of the sudden it's been creeping back into my life, especially in my house. A pink chair here, some pink boxes there, ooh I have to have those pretty pink glasses. And now I can't get enough of it. I hadn't really thought about this, but Grace at Design Sponge said the same thing today and I realized..pink is officially back.

Not that I'm complaining. Forest might be, but I promised him I would keep it under control.

Pink is the new black and above is proof from some of my pink-loving flickr friends.


faithsalutes said...

I hated pink my whole life. I only wanted blue and for a about two years purple. Now I love it...I am painting my new office pink...I already decided. Salmon pink with a tint lighter for the ceiling.

Keeping it out of Mowgli's site though. Ha.

Manic Trout said...

I am a pink convert as well...its even the color of my business.

Pink is the Navy Blue of India!

design*sponge said...

i just had pink business cards made, so it's official- i'm a pink addict. i'm not sure what it is but i'm feeling a lot of lady-like pink accents creep into the market. maybe it's a reaction against the oranges and dark walnuts of the last few years? either way, i LOVE that pink chair of yours :)


Kusie and Meris said...

I too swore off pink when I decided I wanted to be more grown up and edgy. But it makes me laugh to see how irresistably Perle is drawn to pink and I have to wonder what it is about females that makes us like that color. Once, in an ecstasy of pink, she happily declared "I'm all pinked up!" It is fun to have a little girl, or two, so that I can happily indulge in pink without running Kusie out of town.