April 10, 2007


A Stranger via the
Post office

I attended a birthday party this weekend where everyone (well, almost everyone) wrote a poem/song for the birthday girl. Forest and I did not, and I felt bad. Happy 18th Birthday Abby - Alas, this is not for you, but here is my poetic contribution to the world for 2007. Never was too good at poetry..

Anyway, I took part in Jenny Holiday's Vintage Kitchen Swap and boy was it fun! There is so much good kitchen stuff out there, and of course everything I bought I wanted to keep for myself. But I was a good girl and sent it off to Michelle in Chandler, AZ.

Thanks Michelle for my goodies and hope you liked yours!

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faithsalutes said...

I have an idea...let's SWAP something. I will swap you my friendship and fun for your vintage Louis Vuitton you found.