April 13, 2007

This Month in Bazaar

There are some beautiful pieces in Harper's Bazaar this month. For your admiration:

Denim, flats, $25 rings from Nine West....

(click on the images to get a closer look)

And Kimora Lee Simmons is not normally my reference for style and grace, but I do like this coat from Target and the fact that she wears a Louis Vuitton hair tie...Only Kimora.

Ahem, and onto couture. I love love love this yellow Valentino. and the Giorgio Armani. So Fabulous.

During my last year of school I interviewed for an internship in their New York office. Only my dream come true! It was a nice thought, but I was just married and when we really thought about me moving to NY for three months and finding a place to live, and most importantly being away from Forest - it just wasn't what I wanted. Instead I took a job in LA which was much closer to home and really was life changing for me and my career as a photographer.

In the end it all worked out as it should, as it always does. Now if only I could figure out a way to get/wear some couture. Who's with me? Have a lovely weekend, everyone : )


faithsalutes said...

Anything couture will do and I love the bag on the denim page. Holla.

nice-etc said...

oh i like those flats..hmmm..haha
and yeah that jacket is pretty cute..ugh shopping is so tempting now..