May 31, 2007

Jessica & Jason's Engagement

click play to see the slide show or you can just view the images one by one

I went down to Santa Monica on Saturday to spend a few hours with Jessica & Jason before their upcoming wedding in August. We were hoping for a sunny Southern California day, but..not so much. We still broke out the umbrella and these two did what all good models do - freeze their booties off for the sake of the "picture". We shot for about 2.5 hours, but it was all worth it. And aren't they gorgeous? Thanks for hangin' in there you two (especially Jason) and can't wait to see you in August!

May 30, 2007

The Underwood Family

A few weekends ago I got to spend some time photographing the Underwood family. We know them from church, but I get to know people so much better when my camera is in their face for a couple hours. Having your picture taken can be a very intimate thing and when you have a connection people's true personalities tend to show through. This family seemed pretty comfortable in front of the camera already, and they have so much fun together - can you tell?

Press play to start the slide show or you can click through the images one by one.

May 29, 2007

Weekend Warrior

I feel like I've been a little absent lately, but truth is I've been so busy working that I haven't had as much time to shoot for the blog and make things as I had earlier this year...of course when I'm not busy with work I want to be, and then when I am I wish it would all go away so I can sew aprons and be crafty. I just need to get better at doing those things at night and on the weekends...This weekend however, there was no time for that but it's O.K. because I was having plenty of fun:

• Shooting the lovely Jessica & Jason's engagement session in Santa Monica (photos coming soon!)
• Picking up our new credenza for the living room, purchased on ebay. It was a steal and has the funky 50's vibe we're going for.
• Strolling through the Santa Monica Antique Mart with our friends Lindsey and Raan. I seriously get a high from that many antiques in one place. I was totally overwhelmed, but I did find a chandelier for our kitchen, also a steal...
• Walking the dogs on the beach with Kasey & Tarah, and Casey & Janelle who were visiting from Colorado
• Checking out the i Madonnari festival at the Santa Barbara Mission

Scenes from the Antique Mart:

and from I Madonnari:

May 24, 2007

When Words Fail...

Just post a pretty photo : ) Pink peonies...

May 22, 2007

Be Careful Little Eyes....

flickr now has a new "safe" filter you can enable to protect your exposure to images you'd rather not see. I discovered this when looking through our family flickr acct. I clicked on a set from our friend's beach birthday party and at first the images were all blacked out. I then clicked the "ok" button to proceed, even though these photos fell outside my current "safe" filter...This is what came up:

if you click on the image it should get bigger

Oh no! Men with their shirts off!!! Escape, escape...quick, TAKE ME TO THE KITTENS:

Sheesh, that was a close one. It might take these 269,351 photos of kittens to get image out of my brain.

Anyway, this little incident was amusing - but honestly, it would have come in handy a few weeks ago when I was doing a search for our dog Maisy's breed "lacy" (named after the family who bred them). There is a girl in Sweden who DOES NOT own a dog, let alone a lacy dog, but does like to photograph herself in - we'll say - compromising positions. What the....
Nice to know that now my innocent eyes will be better protected next time ; )

May 21, 2007

Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, California

We like to go places, and on Saturday we took a day trip to Santa Monica with our good friends Jenna & Trevor. Montana Ave. holds their "May Sale" every year which is basically a really really long sidewalk sale. I picked up some fancy new yoga pants from Lucy, which just might actually make me start going to yoga again.

My favorite part of the trip, though, was when we drove over to Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice. I worked in LA for a year, and have friends who live there, but for some reason I have never walked or shopped on this street. Apparently I've been missing a lot, as the photos will show. I haven't had this much fun photographing "a place" in a while. Head on over to my flickr site to see them all, but here's a sneak peek:

click on the image to see all the pics

Most of these are from Bountiful, which calls "10,000 sq. feet of lovely French chaos" (via and it couldn't be said better. There is barely room to walk, but every corner you turn comes with more awe-inspiring goodness. I may never be able to actually afford anything in this place, but it wouldn't stop me from dropping by any chance I get. You can tell the proprietors live and breathe to make Bountiful what it is. I happened upon one of them sunning on the patio amidst the rusty lawn chairs and crackled armoirs...just another Saturday to her, but a dream to most of us.

Great title for a store, because when your read it you know you have to go there.

May 18, 2007

Big Raya, Little Raya

This little preciousness shares my first name, but it kind of confuses her. So, her parents started calling me "big raya" and now I fear I am that for life. She loves to yell it to get my attention, like when they were visiting and she could not get through the doggy gate in the hallway. It sounds more like "bi-waaaayyaaa" coming from her, and makes me feel fat sometimes (side note: why does the word "big" translate to "fat" in my brain? just asking...), but how can I not oblige those big blue eyes and dimples? I can't.

Here she is ready to do some gardening in my plastic cowboy boots and gloves. Well, at least someone is going to take care of our yard. A green thumb is not one of my gifts (notice neither the gloves nor the boots have ever been used by me).

And picking flowers for us in the front yard. I just had to buy that shirt for her. I am the worst when it comes to kid's clothes - they are so much cuter than what they make for adults! I'm sure I'll blow the clothing budget on our own kids every month.

I miss you already Little Raya.

May 14, 2007

Hot Hot Heat, and Vintage McCalls

I just got back to California after being on the equator - I mean, in Phoenix - for three days. Faith and I were trying to get her house in order, but it aint easy when you have no air conditioning and it's 107 degrees outside...yes, I said 107. Read more of the hilarity here.

I don't especially like hot weather because I really don't look good in no clothes. I am a layers kind of girl and I don't do shorts. I am going to miss my Faithy dearly, but Forest promises we can go visit often (just not in July) and when I stepped out of the airport in LA the ocean breeze never felt so good.

Before I left last weekend I snuck off to the Ventura flea market for the morning just to see what was out there. I'm looking for a credenza for our TV...didn't find anything, but I did find these fabulous McCall's magazines from the 50's. Who knew? They are big like W magazines and filled with so many amazing photographs and dresses. They also have a little feature in the back of each on fabric and their new patterns.

I want to scan and frame just about every spread, but here a few of my faves:

Just got word that our friends who are coming for a visit are just pulling into town so gotta go finish cleaning! I'll post more of the mags on my flickr soon too...

May 10, 2007

Derek & Erika's Engagement!

I shot these photos last weekend, but then had to fly off to Chicago and just got to look at them over the past few nights. First, I have to say how can you not get great photos with a couple as gorgeous as these two? It's pretty much impossible..and beautiful downtown Santa Barbara didn't hurt either.

Here are a few of my personal favorites, and I'll have a slide show posted soon too:

May 8, 2007

Like Daughter like Mother

So, my mom called me a few weeks ago and says, "I think I'll start a blog." And I'm like, "mom that's awesome!".

I think what got her started was the mother-daughter blogging duo nice-etc and merci notes. These cool ladies hail from Chicago and once my mom saw that other ladies (ahem) her age were doing it she realized she could do it too. She makes so many amazing things and I think this blog will be a great outlet for creative expression and sharing with others who appreciate the craft of sewing. She even found a cute name, of course. Make sure you click on over soon to:

So far the conference I'm at is going fine. It just started and I actually ditched out on the first session to check email and post here...don't think they'll miss me down there : ) I photographed a really cute family and a gorgeous newly engaged couple over the weekend so I'm hoping to show you those soon.

May 7, 2007

Travel Day

And I'm off! I'll be flying to Chicago today for a photography conference, but I'll try to blog something fun tonight when I get in...Happy Monday : )

May 4, 2007

Things I Like, Things I....don't like

I was tagged by Miss Jenny over at oldbagnewtricks to share seven weird things about me...there's something like this that I've actually been wanting to do for awhile, so I'm gonna play the game but switch up the rules a bit (hope y'all don't mind).

In one of my favorite movies, Amelie, the director plays a little game to introduce his characters. It's called "things I like, things I hate". It's an incredibly charming way to get to know these people, and each time you see someone new you hear about them in this way...Now I'm going to play the game and give you seven things I like, and seven things I...don't like (hate is fine for the movie, but I don't know, my mom never let us say that word when we were growing up so it just feels a bit too strong...whenever that word slips out today I kinda look over my shoulder like, to see if anyone heard).

Here we go:

I like: watching television shows and movies at least three times, because usually I'm doing something else at the same time so I don't catch everything until the third go, when I'm really paying attention.

I don't like: chipped nail polish - on me or anyone else!

I like: looking through books/magazines and tagging everything that inspires me with a sticky note so I can refer back. I also used to go through catalogs as a kid and circle everything I wanted. Not that I would get it, but it was very satisfying : )

I don't like: unpacking my suitcase after a trip.

I like: warm towels and sheets straight out of the dryer.

I don't like: food that is messy and/0r falls apart when I'm eating it. I usually whine to Forest about it and will stop eating mid-meal if this happens.

I like: making lists and lists and lists of things to do, buy, make, etc...

I don't like: pictures of myself from a windy day when my bangs are being blown sideways or sticking straight up. Also don't like walking in wind and having all my hair blown back away from my face. Actually, I'm gonna go ahead and say it for this one - I hate this. Don't tell my mom!

I like: organizing the clothes in my closet by color - white on the right, moving through the rainbow to black on the left.

I don't like: when other people's faces get too close to mine (husband excluded)

I like: riding the carousel at an amusement park or fair and finding the horse I like best.

I don't like: sleeping in my bedroom when I'm home alone. It's too far from the front door and I get paranoid. Usually I sleep on the couch when Forest is away.

I like: fluffing up the feather comforter and falling back onto it so it envelopes around me..then taking a nap there : )

I don't like: catching someone looking at me on the street when I know I've just made a weird face. So embarrassing!

So there you have it. Wasn't that fun? If you want to play along, do it and tell me so I can see! If not, that's OK too. Here's a photo from my most recent ride on the carousel at the carnival in Santa Barbara Friday night..kind of a let down besides the girl time I got to have with my good friend Jessica and of course, this:

May 1, 2007

New Little Things

After thumbing through these books all weekend, I had the un-ignorable urge to go hunting at the antique stores downtown. Forest went hiking on Sunday, and after pondering heavily which I would rather do - shop, or get all sweaty - I chose shopping.

I really like the style of this room, courtesy of Found Style by David & Amy Butler:

And I found a few things to start my own table top collection:

The decanter on the left is a family heirloom from the Carlisle side. It belonged to Forest's great-great-great grandmother and has her initials inscribed: MJC. Her husband was Secretary of the Treasury & Speaker of the House under Pres. Cleveland, so I guess she did a lot of entertaining and had an extensive silver collection. Forest's mom gave this to us when we got married and I have had it in my room until now. Out in the dining room is a better place, gives it the exposure it deserves. : )

The two little bottles and the wine coaster are from Sunday. The larger bottle says "Clicquot Soda" and I could tell it had been in the shop forever because you couldn't even read the price tag and the tape wouldn't come off (I was too lazy to "goo gone" it. maybe someday). Reminded me of my favorite champagne "Veuve Clicquot", so I had to have it.

This is just a start, but it was fun to find some new things and get a little further in the seemingly endless process of decorating our house. When you don't go buy everything new it takes time to find just the right things, but in the end (if there ever is one. ha) it is worth it.