May 18, 2007

Big Raya, Little Raya

This little preciousness shares my first name, but it kind of confuses her. So, her parents started calling me "big raya" and now I fear I am that for life. She loves to yell it to get my attention, like when they were visiting and she could not get through the doggy gate in the hallway. It sounds more like "bi-waaaayyaaa" coming from her, and makes me feel fat sometimes (side note: why does the word "big" translate to "fat" in my brain? just asking...), but how can I not oblige those big blue eyes and dimples? I can't.

Here she is ready to do some gardening in my plastic cowboy boots and gloves. Well, at least someone is going to take care of our yard. A green thumb is not one of my gifts (notice neither the gloves nor the boots have ever been used by me).

And picking flowers for us in the front yard. I just had to buy that shirt for her. I am the worst when it comes to kid's clothes - they are so much cuter than what they make for adults! I'm sure I'll blow the clothing budget on our own kids every month.

I miss you already Little Raya.


Claire said...

sigh...aren't little girls the best?

faithsalutes said...

I would like to add that you look pretty as well "Big" Raya...she is one lucky girl to be named after you...I guess I will have to name my kid Forest. J/K.


*christa said...

I think I see the neighbors shredding phone books just past your white picket fence.

nice-etc said...

haha aww! what great photos. well big is much better than say "old raya" or something like that haha. at work i am caitlin #1..there are 3 caitlin's right now and we all spell it the same and don't settle for cait etc haha. anyway big certainly does not mean fat!!

Sarah and Jack said...

That picture is too cute! And those boots!