May 14, 2007

Hot Hot Heat, and Vintage McCalls

I just got back to California after being on the equator - I mean, in Phoenix - for three days. Faith and I were trying to get her house in order, but it aint easy when you have no air conditioning and it's 107 degrees outside...yes, I said 107. Read more of the hilarity here.

I don't especially like hot weather because I really don't look good in no clothes. I am a layers kind of girl and I don't do shorts. I am going to miss my Faithy dearly, but Forest promises we can go visit often (just not in July) and when I stepped out of the airport in LA the ocean breeze never felt so good.

Before I left last weekend I snuck off to the Ventura flea market for the morning just to see what was out there. I'm looking for a credenza for our TV...didn't find anything, but I did find these fabulous McCall's magazines from the 50's. Who knew? They are big like W magazines and filled with so many amazing photographs and dresses. They also have a little feature in the back of each on fabric and their new patterns.

I want to scan and frame just about every spread, but here a few of my faves:

Just got word that our friends who are coming for a visit are just pulling into town so gotta go finish cleaning! I'll post more of the mags on my flickr soon too...


Vallen said...

Oh you poor dear girls. I just left a recipe for Slurpees on Faith's blog. I should probably leave some good to know Spanish phrases, too.

I love the full skirt in your McCall's photo. I think that mag also had a Betsy McCall paper doll thing in each issue, too. That was my favorite part. But my sister always got it cause her name is Betsey. I wanted a Betsy that wasn't my sister. I should have gotten it.

Claire said...

Faith cracks me up. Glad you guys had fun, though!

I need to move out of this hot stinky valley and down to you where you have the ocean and fab flea markets.

faithsalutes said...

hey big raya. i think i need some shoes, the ones you posted to be exact. bring back the McCall's.

Sarah said...

one of my best buds just moved to arizona too. it's soooo hot there! but i'll still visit.

Sarah said...

i love your rickrack apron on tie one on
vintage wonderful!