May 8, 2007

Like Daughter like Mother

So, my mom called me a few weeks ago and says, "I think I'll start a blog." And I'm like, "mom that's awesome!".

I think what got her started was the mother-daughter blogging duo nice-etc and merci notes. These cool ladies hail from Chicago and once my mom saw that other ladies (ahem) her age were doing it she realized she could do it too. She makes so many amazing things and I think this blog will be a great outlet for creative expression and sharing with others who appreciate the craft of sewing. She even found a cute name, of course. Make sure you click on over soon to:

So far the conference I'm at is going fine. It just started and I actually ditched out on the first session to check email and post here...don't think they'll miss me down there : ) I photographed a really cute family and a gorgeous newly engaged couple over the weekend so I'm hoping to show you those soon.


christa said...

That's rad! I love the name of her blog, too!

Vallen said...

I already have her linked up. Her blog is great and women of her, ahem, age rock.

nice-etc said...

hahah my mom will be so excited! I've been meaning to add you to my links, now I'll add you both :)

it's too bad we couldn't get together on your trip! Have you been able to get out into the city yet?

OldBagNewTricks said...

I LOVE the name.... I LOVE the blog... I think I am of that, ahem, certain age.


Merci-Notes said...

Things are hectic here and I do have a habit of saving "fun" things for when I am Now I get to check out your posts AND your Mom's! I WAS VERY HAPPY to hear of your Mom's news! Infact I had been trying to steal away time to ask you to ask her to please get a blog!!! Thank You!!
I had also wanted to ask permission to add you to my "pretty Places" list. May I?
Lastly, the photo you did for your Mom is Beautiful, the perfect touch of freshness!!
With Kindness,
p.s. I am very happy that Caitlin and I inspired you and your Mom!

raya said...

Hi Caitlin! It is too bad that we couldn't get together in Chicago, but I found out quickly that I wasn't really in Chicago..I was in Rosemont. We did go in to the city for dinner one night, but I didn't get to see much. With that said, my husband and I will have to go back and really see the sites..on that trip we'll definitely have to have you show us around : )