May 1, 2007

New Little Things

After thumbing through these books all weekend, I had the un-ignorable urge to go hunting at the antique stores downtown. Forest went hiking on Sunday, and after pondering heavily which I would rather do - shop, or get all sweaty - I chose shopping.

I really like the style of this room, courtesy of Found Style by David & Amy Butler:

And I found a few things to start my own table top collection:

The decanter on the left is a family heirloom from the Carlisle side. It belonged to Forest's great-great-great grandmother and has her initials inscribed: MJC. Her husband was Secretary of the Treasury & Speaker of the House under Pres. Cleveland, so I guess she did a lot of entertaining and had an extensive silver collection. Forest's mom gave this to us when we got married and I have had it in my room until now. Out in the dining room is a better place, gives it the exposure it deserves. : )

The two little bottles and the wine coaster are from Sunday. The larger bottle says "Clicquot Soda" and I could tell it had been in the shop forever because you couldn't even read the price tag and the tape wouldn't come off (I was too lazy to "goo gone" it. maybe someday). Reminded me of my favorite champagne "Veuve Clicquot", so I had to have it.

This is just a start, but it was fun to find some new things and get a little further in the seemingly endless process of decorating our house. When you don't go buy everything new it takes time to find just the right things, but in the end (if there ever is one. ha) it is worth it.


Alishia said...

I agree. It takes a while but it's worth it. But it does seem never-ending.
I love checking out that shabby/vintage/french country/new modern genre decorating book from the library and poring over it. The only problem is that I start to feel like my house is such a shithole in comparison to their professionally staged photographs. What's a modern woman to do?

faithsalutes said...

we have completely different taste, but dammit i love the mix matched chairs. so rad.