May 4, 2007

Things I Like, Things I....don't like

I was tagged by Miss Jenny over at oldbagnewtricks to share seven weird things about me...there's something like this that I've actually been wanting to do for awhile, so I'm gonna play the game but switch up the rules a bit (hope y'all don't mind).

In one of my favorite movies, Amelie, the director plays a little game to introduce his characters. It's called "things I like, things I hate". It's an incredibly charming way to get to know these people, and each time you see someone new you hear about them in this way...Now I'm going to play the game and give you seven things I like, and seven things I...don't like (hate is fine for the movie, but I don't know, my mom never let us say that word when we were growing up so it just feels a bit too strong...whenever that word slips out today I kinda look over my shoulder like, to see if anyone heard).

Here we go:

I like: watching television shows and movies at least three times, because usually I'm doing something else at the same time so I don't catch everything until the third go, when I'm really paying attention.

I don't like: chipped nail polish - on me or anyone else!

I like: looking through books/magazines and tagging everything that inspires me with a sticky note so I can refer back. I also used to go through catalogs as a kid and circle everything I wanted. Not that I would get it, but it was very satisfying : )

I don't like: unpacking my suitcase after a trip.

I like: warm towels and sheets straight out of the dryer.

I don't like: food that is messy and/0r falls apart when I'm eating it. I usually whine to Forest about it and will stop eating mid-meal if this happens.

I like: making lists and lists and lists of things to do, buy, make, etc...

I don't like: pictures of myself from a windy day when my bangs are being blown sideways or sticking straight up. Also don't like walking in wind and having all my hair blown back away from my face. Actually, I'm gonna go ahead and say it for this one - I hate this. Don't tell my mom!

I like: organizing the clothes in my closet by color - white on the right, moving through the rainbow to black on the left.

I don't like: when other people's faces get too close to mine (husband excluded)

I like: riding the carousel at an amusement park or fair and finding the horse I like best.

I don't like: sleeping in my bedroom when I'm home alone. It's too far from the front door and I get paranoid. Usually I sleep on the couch when Forest is away.

I like: fluffing up the feather comforter and falling back onto it so it envelopes around me..then taking a nap there : )

I don't like: catching someone looking at me on the street when I know I've just made a weird face. So embarrassing!

So there you have it. Wasn't that fun? If you want to play along, do it and tell me so I can see! If not, that's OK too. Here's a photo from my most recent ride on the carousel at the carnival in Santa Barbara Friday night..kind of a let down besides the girl time I got to have with my good friend Jessica and of course, this:


faithsalutes said...

You are supposed to tag 7 more people.

Love you. I also hate unpacking my suitcase after a I just don't.

Vallen said...

I have always marked stuff in magazines and catalogs. When we were little my sister and I had a game where if we touched an item in the catalog it would be ours but only the first to touch something would get it. Life of the less-than-rich, what a gas!! I was supposed totag seven people and didn't either AND if that doesn't make us relatives yet, well my mom would hate it when we said "hate" or "I'm full" or "shut -up" Maybe it's a California mom thing.

nice-etc said...

I don't like: food that is messy and/0r falls apart when I'm eating it. I usually whine to Forest about it and will stop eating mid-meal if this happens.

hahah ok i am the exact same way. i just had a fit over this the other day. it really, really drives me crazy, ESPECIALLY if i am eating in public haha. I'm always afraid someone will be like "look at that slob - she can't eat a hamburger as big as her face?" if i'm concerned it will be difficult to eat, i won't order it haha. i've found that cutting hamburgers and such sandwiches in half helps keep things together. as for things like souvlaki, i just use a fork and knife haha.


raya said...

Faith I would tag you, but Caitlin already did. So you can tag 7 more people on my behalf. But no tag backs! Standard international rules of the game of tag...

Kusie and Meris said...

i used to play the catalog game this way: i would pretend i could get whatever i wanted from the catalog, but, i could only pick one thing on each page. it's much more challenging that way. or crazy. depending on how you look at it.

Corrie said...

wow we are exactly the same person. You know what else I was thinking about the other day? You, mom and I have such similar handwriting! (sarah kinda writes like a third grade boy but I have a feeling she'll totally catch up) ha jk sarah. sort of, love you.