June 18, 2007

City Boys

While I was visiting Santa Cruz for my sister's graduation I took a day trip to San Francisco with Meg and her boys. Here they are at Caffe DeLucchi, one of my favorite restaurants in North Beach:

We did a little shopping, during which the boys were very well behaved and kindly followed me around while I picked out clothes at H&M. One of them even gave hair advice to the employee helping me.

And then...AND then...

As a treat for enduring all the retail boringness we went to Kara's Cupcakes for a treat.

These cupcakes are amazing. Not very clean though...but hey, it's a cupcake, and we cleaned up our mess(es). One of my pet peeves is messy food, but with cupcakes I am willing to make an exception.

One fellow patron looked quite disgusted with the 5 of us because she actually said something to the woman at the counter about having forks because look at these boys, they can't even eat them without getting frosting everywhere. Um, believe me, we were fine with the frosting. Some people....

The littlest Nordin, obviously excited about what he is about to do with that cupcake.


nice-etc said...

those look delicious!! and such a cute sign.

..yeah um..if you can't losen up in a cupcake shop, you must be pretty high strung..and if 3 boys eating and enjoying a cupcake still can't put a smile on your face, you must have some seriously bad vibes.

Aunt T said...

Looks like an awesome trip. How fun and the cupcakes look yummy, too!


Vallen said...

Next time sister, it's you and me and cupcakes.

Erin said...

Meg's boys are adorable & growing up!!! What a fun day!