July 3, 2007

The Ch(K)ristas

Krista, Christa, & Me

What has your blog done for you lately? Mine introduced me to the lovely Krista (far left) who I got to meet face to face while I was in Seattle visiting my friend Christa (middle). As the Internet grows bigger the world seems smaller and smaller and connections like these seem to happen more and more. Krista found me through Design*Sponge and somehow put it together that I knew Christa. I think she emailed me the week before I went to Seattle, and then I just happened to be there when she was having an engagement party - Christa is in Krista's upcoming wedding and invited me along to the party...

Both of these girls are creative and talented - I think that's what I've learned most from blogging - just how many creative people there are in the world and how each person has their own talents, etc...Christa is in marketing, currently for a cutting edge nail salon, and has great style. Krista is a writer and jewelry maker (check our her etsy shop - www.kristafayeknowslove.etsy.com). For her bridesmaids she found each one a unique dress, all on ebay - isn't that cool? Christa showed me hers and it was perfectly Christa and very beautiful.

My time in Seattle was short, and I was feeling under the weather while I was there, but this made it all worth it. Thanks girls : )


Christa said...

Darling picture! I love it when creative small worlds collide!

Come visit soon, I'll try not to be so busy.


Krista said...

you are so cute - it was great to meet you in person! and thanks for coming to my surprise shower!

Corrie said...

You look beautiful ray...all glowy ; ) : )