July 26, 2007


Thanks everyone for the kind comments about the Amy Butler clutch! It seems that people get most excited on this blog when I show things I've made, so I will try to do that more. I am working on some little sock dolls for three special babies who are coming soon and will pics of my progress this week.

Most of you probably know this, but with Blogger I can't email responses to comments so all my responses will be directly in the comments section of that post...you can always email me as well at raya@rayaphotography.com.

Forest is having Lasik eye surgery today at 2 pm - no more glasses and contacts! He is very excited, and if you think of him around that time say a little prayer. The surgery is not risky or anything and he's supposed to be able to go back to work tomorrow, but you know, anytime a laser is cutting your cornea I think some prayer might be in order : )

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