July 17, 2007

Fab New Fabrics

On a whim I went into our local fabric store the other day. It's right next to the bank and I had just made a deposit from my business account into our personal account so I thought, why not. I have an apron I'm making for a friend and was looking for another fabric as well as anything else I liked.

I picked up these three pretties:

I think I'm going to attempt to make this clutch from In Stitches by Amy Butler with the yellow fabric. This is by far the most complicated pattern I've ever tried so we'll see if I can make it happen...I'll probably leave off the decorative flower, but I like how it's an over-sized clutch - usable day or night.

My sewing machine weighs about a thousand pounds and I got it out to fix a shirt this weekend, so I figure while it's on the table I might as well try to make something else before I put it away. Otherwise it might be months before I attempt another sewing project...


nice-etc said...

that yellow fabric is very pretty..i think it's a good choice for the clutch :)

raya said...

Thanks Nice! I ended up going with a different fabric, but I am still going to use the yellow for another one I think. I just didn't want to use it on my first try because I like it so much : )