July 12, 2007

More Fun with Flickr

bighugelabs.com is always fun to play on - here's a new flickr toy I just found that creates a palette of colors from a photo you choose.

These are web colors, so it could be especially useful when creating your blog or website - especially if you have a photo banner and want to coordinate your background, font colors, etc..I end up doing this every time I change my header and have to go into Photoshop to manually select colors with the eyedropper.

I had some fun playing with this for our house last night too - using images of pillows and things to see what it came up with. I love the idea of using one item and planning your decor around it. For me its our white Bertoia diamond chair and the green/blue Anthropologie pillow that sits on it. Unfortunately it didn't really work with that image because of the wall and carpet colors - came back with a bunch of icky browns...that was a bad example, but you get the idea.


KT said...

I love that. What nice colors.

nice-etc said...

oh man that could be addicting haha..what a handy little thing!f

melkorka said...

i Love this! what a fun way to work with a color scheme!

KT said...

We've been making all sorts of things on the bighugelabs site this afternoon. Lots of fun. Thanks for telling us about it.

Vallen said...

Everyday you give me more to think about. I love this! Oooo and the thrifty finds! very smart!! You could host a little party. Hint, hint.

raya said...

I'm so glad you all like this tool! And Vallen, I would love to throw a party..maybe a blogger get together, though you'd all have to come to Ventura. It is only 30 min from Santa Barbara though, and everyone should come up with an excuse to visit there at least once.