July 11, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday

Our dog Maisy turned one on 7-7-07 (lucky dog). We aren't "buy our dog a birthday cake" people, but I at least wanted to take a nice photo of her. She's so freakin' cute, but moves around too much especially when I pull out my camera. This time I got smart though and tricked her with treats. So the reason she's staring up at the ceiling is not because she's following my direction and holding a classic 3/4 professional portraiture pose, it's because she wants that Trader Joe's chicken stick.

A couple times she couldn't handle it any longer. Happy birthday Maisy! I love you, but am so glad you're half-way through your puppy stage ; )

1 comment:

faithsalutes said...

If Maisey is good I will let her play with Spanky for her birthday.