July 6, 2007

Have art. Must hang.

If you've been to our house you know that our walls are pretty much empty. This is because I'm indecisive and have a hard time committing. Here is a small collection of artwork I've collected over the last few months, but have yet to hang. I think most of this will go in my office - which doesn't really solve my problem with the rest of the house, but it's a start. If anyone has any favorite artists, or sources for cool prints send 'em my way.

From left to right: print of a girl with a camera from Etsy, Vogue cover with Jane Fonda from Ebay, small printed card from a shop in Santa Monica, Print from Etsy.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Much as art is very personal, I am a big fan of Arthur Rackham. Here's a link -- see what you think: http://rackham.artpassions.net/


Vallen said...

They all look like hey should be close - their colors ring one to another. I think they are a very lovely and funny reflection of hteir owner.

raya said...

Just to clarify. I don't smoke huge cigarettes - Faith and I liked this print because it's a satire on cigarettes being marketed to children. The title is "Little Mary takes a puff". We also thought it was funny because I didn't smoke my first cigarette until I was 28. My first, and probably my last.

faithsalutes said...

i wish i could smoke all the time. pass it along, but i too do not smoke. i love that print and now I am jealous there wasn't two. i love this collection ray.