July 30, 2007

A Kitty for Miss Penelope

Come October we will have a new baby in the family - Forest' sister is having a little girl, Penelope Abigail. This is the first baby since my new found love for craftiness so I attempted a handmade gift for the shower last weekend.

Meet Kitty - a sock doll from a Japanese craft book that I don't know the title of...my mom scanned the pattern for me, so she would know if you want to ask her. You can find her over at sewthatsit.blogspot.com.

I didn't have a pattern for the dress, but I winged it and made up my own little pattern which is fine for a baby doll - I don't think Penelope will notice that my seams don't match up on the sleeves and that the arm holes are a little small...at least for a few years anyway.

Never mind that I stayed up until 2am Friday night to finish - I started on Monday but ran into a few issues with the size socks I was using. I recommend boys socks unless you want really big animals. In the works this week are a puppy and a lamb for two other very special babies who have recently arrived...

p.s. I didn't bring my good camera to the party, so these are with our ancient little digital camera. Sorry they are not the best...


KT said...

Miss Kitty is very cute! I love her shoes, and the dress is so sweet. I'm sure Miss Kitty and Miss Penelope will be best friends.

Angie said...

Very cute- don't ya just love sock animals :-)

Brittney said...

Hi I found your link through Emily's engagement photos, we both went to school together in New Zealand.
You have some really inspiring and creative ideas and I am always looking for new things to get stuck into.
Is there any way you can email me the pattern for the sock dolls.
Thanks alot.

raya said...

Hi Brittney,

Unfortunately I borrowed the sock doll book from my mom so I don't have the patterns, but you can purchase it on Amazon.com for about $10 US I think. The title is "Sock and Glove" and if you do a search by that you should find it. Have fun!