July 2, 2007

Long Time

Wow, its been awhile. We are officially back from vacation - it was lovely and we got to see so many of our friends. Our trip began in Gig Harbor/Tacoma, then Seattle, and finally onto Maui for a week. I'll do a few posts about our trip, but first here are a few photos of Pikes Place Market. This was basically my first trip to Seattle (I'd been there when I was really young). I was most impressed by the fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. So beautiful -

So much to blog! I'll be playing catch up this week and look forward to showing more highlights of our trip. And am glad to be back to a normal blogging schedule again. For awhile there I was a bit distracted, but I really missed it. It's good to be back : )


faithsalutes said...

whatchya brrrrinng me? crap, took you forever to get home. i missed you.

KT said...

I'm glad you had a nice vacation, but I really missed reading your blog. Glad you're back!

Christa said...

Go Raya
Getchya Blog On!

nice-etc said...

those are pretty pretty photos!! glad you're back!