July 5, 2007


We've been back from Maui for almost a week now, but I just looked at the photos today. Here are some photos and highlights from our week:

• Swimming with Sea Turtles
• Spending time with three of our best couple friends who were visiting at the same time
• Lorraine's Shave Ice in the tiny Kahakuloa Village
• Beach walks
• Stalking sand crabs - I swear you can see their brains through their shell! I wanted to inspect further, but those suckers are quick.
• Finishing three books. One really good one - Peace Like a River by Leif Enger, and two okay ones not really worth mentioning.
• Bronzing, bronzing, bronzing
• Dinners on the Lanai every night
• Flying in an 8-passenger Cessna from Maui to Kona on our way home - what an adventure.
• The Sean Paul wannabe at the airport on the way home who, when stripped of his do-rag and Stunna shades looked less like a Latin stud and more like a dorky frat boy. The best was when he did a little jig down the airport cafeteria line and flirted with the aloha shirt & hair net clad girl behind the counter. We heard him say he was from Boston.

Double Rainbow

Sunset outside our condo

The beach in front of our condo at the Papakea Resort, Lahaina

Leanne, working up the guts to jump off this cliff. I don't do cliffs myself so I just took pictures.
Water shoots up from this hole in the rocks every time a wave comes in. Dan the daredevil is seeing how close he can get.

Shave Ice at Lorraine's. She puts ice cream at the bottom. Best ever.

Old church in Kahakuloa. Lorraine says that the Christians built their church on one side, and the Catholics took the other. Missionaries had a large impact on the Hawaiian islands, as I read while I was there. They were the ones who wrote the language in the 1820's - unfortunately they weren't linguists so they didn't do a very good job. The Hawaiian language used to have many more sounds, but the missionaries couldn't tell them apart so now there are only 12 letters - a,e,i,o,u,h,k,l,m,n,p,w.

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