July 19, 2007

More Inspiration Boarding

Jess just moved into her own place which actually has a lot of space and even more potential. She's pretty much starting from scratch, save for a few pieces she had in her old place, so we decided to make an inspiration board for her new look. She loves 70's decor, China, orange, white, brown, and lots of graphic elements.

I couldn't find a really cool frame this time around so I used a simple frame and more of our leftover cork. Lugged all my mags up to her new house and we spent about 2 hours looking and watching America's most recent dumb game show "Don't Forget the Lyrics". Talk about a creative title. The contestants sing karaoke style and have to complete the missing lyrics to a popular song from varying genres, which the contestant chooses from...it's no "So You Think You Can Dance" which we did not get home in time for. Sorry Faith, I tried.

Here's the finished board - inspiration is just spilling off this thing.

My favorite is this Christian Louboutin Heel. If Jess were a shoe, this is the one she would be.

I am all about inspiration boards lately. I owe one to this girl since she has purchased her first home and it's my new tradition to give my first time homeowner friends an inspiration board as a housewarming gift. My magazine collection is getting put to good use these days..more images and notes about this board on flickr...

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faithsalutes said...

Go Jess...She would be that shoe...but she is so sweet too...she has got it all.