July 31, 2007

My Day Job

For some of you who don't know me, you might read this blog and think "all this girl does all day is decorate her house and do projects". Alas, that is not entirely true. Though I do have the pleasure of working at home and usually part-time, I do have a little business I run (besides photography) that I don't really talk about much.

It's called pink penny and we design albums for professional photographers. It's all done on the computer and we don't actually make the albums, but we do design the layout and "tell the story" of the day with images. Here is one I finished recently that I really like. The photography is by a team of two girls - Amy & Megan who make up Click Imagery based in Massachusetts.

click on the image to see the whole album

I think the reason this is on my mind today is I have four albums to finish in the next two days. The way the business works is very up and down so we can have three weeks of nothing, then get 6 albums in two days. Our goal is to crank out a first design within 2 days so you can see, I'm going to be busy this week. Busy-ness is good and no day of doing whatever I want gives me the same satisfaction as working all day and having something to show for it. It's a good balance and I am oh so thankful for both.

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nice-etc said...

i didn't know all of this! that is a great idea and job.