July 10, 2007

Thrifting/Antiquing Finds from this Weekend

Here are few things I nabbed this weekend. I haven't been to the shops in awhile and I was on a roll...but all things I needed of course.

Little flower cups. Ok, I didn't really need these. But they were .30 ea. What a bargain!

Printed tablecloth. I've been jealous of everyone else's, especially because is Summer and I only own boring white ones.

Small bottle/vase for dining table ensemble. Reads "household extract". I don't know either.


textrix said...

Delurking to say "What great finds!" That beautiful bottle is a HIRES rootbeer extract bottle... and it brought back wonderful memories of the homemade rootbeer my dad used to make. I'm not sure if it was just being part of the "making" process, but I remember it as so much tastier than any of the big brands these days. More root, less sugar, I suppose... though many of the smaller independent bottlers do come close to the taste in my memory.
a quick google of "hires household extract" will give you a lot of info on that grand tradition.
ps. LOVE your style, and your photos.

raya said...

Wow, thanks for that info! And I never would have known if you hadn't said something : ) I'll have fun doing some research.

KT said...

Beautiful tablecloth! I meant to ask the other day...how did you swim with the sea turtles? Were they just out there when you went snorkling, or did you go to a special "swim with the turtles" place?

raya said...

Thanks mom! About the turtles - they were just hanging out by the reef when we were snorkeling. It's pretty crazy to be that close.

Erin said...

I love that little bottle!