July 9, 2007

Vintage Handmade

I had quite a successful weekend at the antique/thrift shops in Ventura with my dear friend Amy who came up for a spontaneous shopping day. If you live in the So Cal area or are passing through, downtown Ventura has a great collection of not-too-expensive antique stores and great thrift stores.

One of my favorite finds is this dress found at Sassy Sally's. Sally said her grandma made this dress who knows how many years ago. She had just put it out on the racks that day, which was perfect timing because I had a wedding to attend in the afternoon and had completely spaced about finding something to wear.

I've always fancied the idea of having vintage dresses, but don't often find ones I can wear on a daily basis. Sally does a lot of reconstructing old clothes + carries all kinds of other vintage finds. I would love to do a full post about her shop because its super cute! Hopefully in the near future that will happen.

I'll post the rest of my finds tomorrow. Until then...


faithsalutes said...

let me borrow that. Why didn't God make us the same shape? sheesh.

raya said...

don't worry, there's plenty of fabric around the, er, top...I'm sure it would fit you just fine - maybe even better than me. So never mind, you can't borrow it ; )