August 20, 2007

Aprons, Cookbooks & Weekend Update

A few months ago Forest's Aunt Annie said she had a "silly" gift for me. They had been cleaning out some of Uncle Frank's mom's stuff and she found all these vintage aprons that used to be hers. Rumor has it that Uncle Frank's mom was a stellar chef and they even have a cookbook full of her Portugese recipes...I don't think Annie realized how excited I would be, but receiving a handful of vintage aprons made my year. Those inspired me to finally photograph my entire collection, so I did that this morning and have made a new set on Flickr if you want to check them out.

She also gave me this old tattered cookbook from the 50's:

Most of the recipes look kind of scary, but the illustrations are beautiful and there are tons scattered throughout the book. These will probably end up in a new batch of collages very soon.

How was your weekend? Ours was busy - here's the breakdown:
- Drove to No. Hollywood to hear our friend Hoku perform for a small audience of friends and family in preparation for her show this weekend - she's opening for Gwen Stefani in Hawaii! It was fun to hear her new stuff live and see friends.
- Shopped for jeans for Forest..always fun for me...maybe not for him though. He doesn't always "feel comfortable" in the styles I like, but we found some at the Barney's outlet in Camarillo. Those are great outlets if you haven't been there and its dangerous that I only live 15 min. away.
- Enjoyed a short visit with Forest's mom, dad and nephew on their way to camp in Big Sur for the week. Swam in the pool, shot the Airsoft gun, ate ice cream and played Yahtzee.
- Drove to No. Hollywood again to drive cars. We are selling our Subaru wagon and upgrading to something newer and a little bigger.
- Went to Aaron Brothers and gave my right arm to have a few pieces of art framed. None of my art costs more than $50, but I love it all and want it to look nice, so whatever. I'll get over it.


Sarah Barlow said...

omg! I LOVE the aprons! My friend and I went to Anthropologie the other day and were just drooling over the aprons!! hehe! So fun!

dailycraft said...

Lovely finds!

Erin said...

Are those aprons being modeled in your own kitchen? What a great oven/stove range in the background!

raya said...

Yes Erin, that's our stove. It's an antique O'keefe & Merrit that came with the house. I love it and its the best working stove I've ever had : )