August 2, 2007

A Good Thing

We have a juice orange tree in our backyard and didn't even know it until we thought one day " I wonder if these oranges would make good juice". There are so many we didn't know what else to do with them. We tried it - and oh man do they make good OJ. Now we are having fresh squeezed OJ all the time and if you come for a visit we'll be serving it daily.

My favorite breakfast - fried eggs over-medium, sourdough toast and home squeezed orange juice. yum.


nice-etc said...

wow that looks so delicious! how cool to have an orange tree. growing up we had a cherry tree, but for some reason weren't encouraged to eat them :-/ our neighbors did though! haha they'd climb up on their garage to pick them.

kristin said...

wow! that is crazy! how fun that is. deeelicious

big hair betty said...

That is one of my favorite breakfasts also (but sometimes I like poached eggs). Sourdough toast in the morning is so great!

Vallen said...

That's pretty much the breakfast I've been having all summer. Perfect!